Branko Miyov

  • Address: Lukjanovicha Str., 2-62, Minsk, Belarus
  • Telegram: @BrankoMi
  • E-mail:,
  • Skype: mijov-branko

I am a very dedicated and self-motivated graphic & web designer and photo & video content creator who is interested in all aspects of graphic design and content creation. I always try to combine my creativity with professional and technical knowledge to meet the high standards that are set for me. I am able to deliver a final product by taking it from a brief concept, through the development of the product in the design phase, to the preparation for printing in the final phase.
I am a team player and a strong communicator, who can take ownership of own
cases and deliver quality results and solutions to meet the needs of the
management. I educate myself daily in design and visual web design, software and hardware technologies so that I can respond quickly to new challenges in the global creative industry.








Work Experience:

2022-Present day

Forsage Instrument Bel, Minsk – Instrument & Tool importer
– Graphic design

  • Senior Graphic designer for JCB brand;
  • Active communication with Headquarters in England and partners in China;
  • Complete development of creative projects – planning, technical development, preparation for printing and on line publishing in multiple languages;
  • Packaging, catalogue and booklet design;
  • Brand promotional materials and office presentation designs;
  • Big format printing;
  • Targeted social media campaigns.


2019-Present day


Freelance graphic designer & and content creator:

  • Working on product photography project for Amazon and On-line stores;
  • Building studio environments for photography projects;
  • Creation of fashion industry photo and video content;
  • Creation & editing video content for various projects;
  • Working on architectural photography projects;
  • Working on graphic design projects for Arkus Design (Macedonia) and their printing house;
  • Work on a project to develop graphic solutions for the creation of web and print materials for a UNDP project on community development in the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Work on a project for the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, creation of design solutions for strategic documents for the development of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Portrait / product photography (professional knowledge of Sony, Fuji and Canon digital cameras).
  • Fashion / product photography on medium and large format film cameras (Hasselblad 500CM, Mamiya RZ67 and Sinar 4×5 format camera).


Macedonian Red Cross (Staff of Headquarters)
-Graphic design and publishing-national level

  • Complete development of creative projects – planning, technical development and preparation for printing (flyers, brochures ( annual reports, programs, reports, posters, banners and other promo materials) in multiple Languages;
  • Postal stamps for joint campaign with Macedonian Post;
  • Educational materials with own photos and illustrations;
  • Big format printing (flags, billboards and city lights);
  • Targeted social media campaigns;
  • Developing materials and support for events and campaign;
  • Working on international campaigns for International Federation of Red Cross and Red;Crescent (Human trafficking campaign –Red Bell);
  • Design of t-shirts, cups and all other promotional materials;
  • Making Brand standards for Macedonian Red Cross (National level – Brand manual);
  • Making ID cards on Datacard printers/working with datacard software and databases;
  • WordPress web page visual design, building and administration of the page;
  • UI design of Macedonian Red Cross software;
  • Creation of photo and video content (working with proffesional DSLR and Mirorless cameras) ;
  • Editing photo and video content.


Project of USAID „My career“
Graphic design and administrator of web portal

  • Complete development of creative projects – planning, technical development and preparation for printing; (flyers, brochures, posters, banners and other promo materials) in few languages;
  • Developing materials and support for web events and on-line fair for career;
  • Maintaining data base for portal and administrating it;
  • Creation of photo and video content (working with proffesional DSLR and Mirorless cameras) ;
  • Editing photo and video content.


Euro Tools – Skopje
Graphic design

  • Graphic designer and photograph( product photography);
  • Complete development of creative projects from planning, technical development to final preparation for printing;
  • Branding the company Euro Tools for Macedonian market with complete preparation of materials for corporative identity;
  • Developing final products for printing, such as catalogues, brochures, posters and video commercials on few languages;
  • Developing final products for printing on big format;
  • Developing materials for on-line medias (web pages, social networks);
  • Photographing company products, processing the photos and using them in promo materials;
  • Developing marketing projects for promotion of certain series of products and realization.


Adria Komerc – Skopje
Graphic design

  • Creating and conducting marketing campaigns for wine branding;
  • SMC / E-mail marketing campaigns, print design, marketing, logo design, corporative identity, advertising banners in big formats, web technologies, catalogues design, brochures and posters


Secondary School “Orce Nikolov” Skopje
Electro technician – electrician


University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”,
Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy
– Industrial design

2011-Present day


  • Humanitarian photography & videography training;
  • Project planning process training;
  • Project management training;
  • Training for strategic and short term planning;
  • Disaster preparedness and response training;
  • Hygiene management training.
  • First aid training.

Mother languages: Macedonian / Bulgarian

English: (Understanding: C2, Speaking: C2, Writing: C2)


Serbian: (Understanding: C2, Speaking: C2, Writing: C1)



Russian: (Understanding: C1, Speaking: C1, Writing: B1)


German: (Understanding: A1, Speaking: A1, Writing: A1)


Levels: A1/A2: Basic user – B1/B2: Independent user – C1/C2 Proficient user
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Additional Skills:

Communicational skills

Work in environment where team work and mutual communication is extremely important.

Organisational / managerial skills

  • High organizational and analytical capabilities;
  • Ability to work alone or in a team;
  • Organizing international events and protocol;
  • Assessment and analysis of situations, solving challenges, motivator;
  • Strategic planning, preparation of annual programs and reports;
  • Ability to work in multicultural environment.

Hobby and activities

Hiking, sports, swiming, traveling art and photography (digital and film photography).

Computer skills

Operative systems: PC (Windows), Apple Mac (OS9 – OSX)- expert knowledge, Linux basic knowledge.

Main software packages: Adobe Creative Cloud, Corel Draw, Freehand, QuarkXpress, WordPress web editing, Custom Business Software Applications, Microsoft Office, DaVinci Resolve Studio, Canva, Figma…

Areas in which I am upgrading myself: UI/UX design, software applications for 3D modeling.

Other skills

Responsible, communicative, precise, trusted, ambitious, loyal, fast adaptation in new environments.